I'm on a mission to get you to stop thinking...

One decision at a time.

I help you be more confident and decisive while eliminating overwhelm and reducing burnout one decision at a time...

It's time to get out of your head and out of your own way!

My "why"...
Life in the aftermath

In the aftermath of seeing a man get killed when I was 18, I became obsessed with the human brain and how unreliable it is. How sometimes it’s for us and sometimes it’s against us. Yet we give it the power to control our lives. 

It’s counterproductive to allow the same part of us that sabotages, taunts and bullies us the power to make, or change, our decisions.

No wonder so many people are overwhelmed, have anxiety, or are experiencing burnout. 

How often have you talked yourself out of doing something you’re drawn to, or feel is right for you? 

How often have you talked yourself into something you don’t want to do, or is wrong for you?

Let’s stop doing that! 


About me

International Keynote Speaker
Facilitator | Mindset Coach | Human Design

If we could all just stop thinking! We think too much. Some overthink. Our brains are processing centers, not decision-makers.

We all need a mindset shift from time to time. It helps to look at things from a new perspective, to step outside of ourselves for a minute and see things from a different point of view. 

Keynote: "Thinking is Overrated"
How to stop your brain from sabotaging your life.
Breakout/Workshop: "Don't be the Second A**hole in the Room"
The art of communication. Interacting and not getting baited.

Getting out of your head and gaining stronger decision-making skills will help you:

As a result, your organization will:

Though-Leadership... Not just speaking at you - you will walk away with actionable tools to implement immediately!

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“Thinking is Overrated”

“Don’t Be The Second A**hole in the Room”

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Empowering You One Decision at a Time.

Life is about playing the game...
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