Are You a Life Scorekeeper?

Do you keep a tally of how often life goes in your favor versus how often it seems you don’t get the desired outcome you were looking for?

When we don’t get what we want we can ruminate over life not being fair and things not going our way.

We can come to the conclusion that we have nothing but bad luck.

“Nothing ever goes my way!” becomes our battle cry.

But that is not true.

What we focus on will become our reality, that is a fact. But we also have to understand that we are not alone here and our lives all connect with each other.

We can’t all always get what we want when we want it.

But also, how often have you wished for something to happen only to later be grateful it didn’t happen?

How often have you looked back and seen there was actually a better plan and a better outcome for you?

Perhaps not, perhaps you look back and see that nothing has ever worked out for you.

This is the unfortunate consequence of negative thinking. Letting your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs control your emotions and control your life.

When we stop focusing on the negative, and look for the good, we take the stress and anxiety out of our lives.

Play the game!

Knowing there is good and bad in everything we do and making an effort to seek it out trains your brain to connect to its positive region.

Our brain is built to default to the negative, it is up to us to train it to access the positive region.

This is how we create new neural pathways.

With practice and dedication, these new positive neural pathways will become our “go-to” way of thinking.

Choosing to focus on the good and retraining your brain will completely change your life.

Our brain is built to stay in survival mode to protect us.

But we were born to thrive, not simply survive.

This negative region of our brain is where our Saboteurs, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs live. We give them a voice every time we access this part of our brain.

Focusing on the positive and making a conscious effort to seek out the positive, especially when you are struggling will help you see that sometimes the steppingstones are not ideal, but the destination will be worthwhile.

It’s easy to see the good moment when life is going our way. As a matter of fact, we tend to take the good moments for granted.

Make it a practice to find the good when you are navigating through hard times.

They are there.

Sometimes the good is microscopic, but I promise you it is strong enough to pull you through anything.

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