Attorneys and Positive Intelligence

Why I focus a large portion of my business on working with Attorneys…

A career in the legal profession lives at the top of the list of those filled with stress, overwhelm and burnout.

Add the belief you need to hide all that in order to always appear confident and strong.

Because of that, the ability to set and uphold boundaries in order to have a life and some type of peace of mind tends to fall by the wayside.

All the attorneys I know got into the profession because they want to right some wrongs, fix some injustices or to simply be of service to others…

Then they find themselves in a constant state of stress and anxiety, worrying about meeting other’s expectations and living with the toll this all takes on their physical and mental health.

In my experience and unscientific surveys of my clients in the law profession, here are the top challenges that contribute to the general feeling of anxiety that flows through their bodies:

➡ A constant feeling of stress and overwhelm by client’s and employer’s expectations, long hours, deadlines, and pressures they put on themselves.
➡ The feeling that everything they do needs to be as close to perfect as possible or they will fail or suffer negative consequences.
➡ The need to be in control. With so many moving parts that go with the job they feel they are either in control or out of control. Both of which carry their own stressors. 
➡ Having to always be, or at least appear to be, strong and confident to survive this competitive field.
➡ The stigma of being a lawyer in the world today.
➡ Stress and anxiety that comes from dealing with clients. Working with the guilty and the innocent each have their own set of responsibilities that result in stress and anxiety.

The weight of responsibility on attorneys, the demand on their time and the perceived need to always be perfect, strong and confident while dedicating all your time to your clients and employers is a lot to handle.

My Positive Intelligence Program helps by teaching how to:
➡ Take control of your thoughts leading to better judgment which helps define and uphold boundaries.
➡ Stronger communication and listening skills to help be more effective and more efficient. 
➡ Obtain confidence that reduces stress and overwhelm because fears and insecurities are no longer in control.
➡ Gain skills to listen for understanding to better serve others.
➡ Never operate or react out of fear, insecurities or limiting beliefs again.

Having agency over one’s life is the goal.

Once we realize we have control over the level of fear, stress and anxiety we allow into our lives and when we are given the tools to tap into our power to be in control…

A whole new world that doesn’t have stress, anxiety or overwhelm opens up.

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