Benefits of Positive Intelligence

Let’s talk about Mental Fitness, especially since it is “Professional Wellness Month.”

83%* of workers in the United States report feeling work-related stress and 25% say their job is the number one stressor in their life.

Approximately one million Americans miss work each day because of stress.

Mental Fitness is all about gaining the skills to walk through life, no matter how difficult the challenges we face at any given moment, with a positive rather than a negative mindset and attitude.

Mental Fitness is both proactive and reactive, meaning it will meet you where you are regarding your Mental Health.

Because we spend most of our waking hours at work, I am happy to see more organizations prioritizing their employees and focusing on Corporate Wellness programs.

The benefit of bringing the 8-Week Positive Intelligence Bootcamp into your organization is the program gets to the root cause of why each person gravitates and dwells in the negative while providing tools to help them literally change their brain to access and rely on the positive region.

It takes about 33 days to create a new neural pathway, 66 for it to be dependable, and about 90 for it to be your “go-to” way of thinking and processing.

This is why the one-and-done presentations, retreats, and team-building events cause people to feel excited and motivated to change but lose it and go back to their old ways in a matter of days.

Because no one is providing the tools to make lasting change. Motivation and inspiration are only 20% of the equation.

Just like with a physical fitness plan… you can’t go to the gym once to change your physical well-being. Mental fitness is the same, it takes time and dedication… but more important, it takes someone showing you how.

Through Positive Intelligence’s use of gamification and simplification, you will change your neural pathways and access the positive region of your brain, versus the negative, survival region we are programmed to access by default.

Let’s stop letting automatic negative intrusive thoughts, limiting beliefs and insecurities control our lives.

It’s time we turn this Mental Health crisis around and it’s time more employers take the Mental Health of their employees more seriously and do something about it so everyone can benefit.

Positive Intelligence helps:

➡ Reach Peak Performance

➡ Gain peace of mind and overall wellness

➡ Establish and maintain healthier personal and professional relationships

Contact me… Let’s talk about bringing Positive Intelligence into your organization!

*This number is from The American Institute of Stress. Other reports I read had this number as high as 94%.

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