Embrace Our Negative Emotions & See Them As Gifts.

Frustration, anger, bitterness, and disappointment, essentially all the negative emotions we experience, are actually gifts.

Embrace them.

Welcome them when they come into your life.

Pay attention when they make themselves known, look for them.

They are telling you one simple thing…

You need to change something. You need to course correct.

When you are working on something or doing something and temporarily experience what we consider a negative emotion, it is a warning sign that it’s time to do something different.

These feelings are there for a reason.

What you are currently doing isn’t working for you.

Don’t let those emotions take over causing you to lose control. Recognize them, feel them, and let them guide you.

Do not allow them to become ugly parts of you that take over causing you to lash out at others or belittle yourself.

See them as gentle reminders and peaceful guides.

More important than temporarily experiencing these negative emotions is if you wake up every day frustrated, angry, unhappy, or full of bitterness or disappointment.

What do you suppose the message is if these or one of these is your underlying emotion all day, every day?

Pay attention. Don’t just accept that this is your life and this is how you are meant to walk through it…

Because it’s not.

No one is meant to walk through life feeling this way.

Instead of living in it, embrace the fact that the universe is trying to tell you your life is off course and it’s time to make some changes.

If you ignore these messages, you will most likely experience fatigue, physical illness, and even burnout.

These feelings are notifications to take action and change things up.

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