Forgiveness, The Key To Letting Go

A frequent conversation in my weekly Positive Intelligence Bootcamp meetings revolves around practicing forgiveness.

Especially when it comes to letting go of something that is hunting you from your past.

This is what I tell them and thought I would share it. 

The reason why forgiveness can be difficult is because the event still resides in your memories and will continue to resurface in your brain, even after forgiveness. 

But it’s still important to do the work to free the hold the event has on your self-worth. 

Even after you’ve forgiven yourself or another person, the event pops into your head and tries to continue to haunt you.  

This is when it’s important for you to practice empathy and remind yourself that you have processed the event, you have learned the lesson or found the gift in it – because there’s always a lesson or gift – you have practiced forgiveness and you’ve let it go. 

The mistake is when you disregard the forgiveness you have practiced and let it hurt you all over again; letting the guilt or shame take over. Allowing the circumstances to cause you to feel bad, less confident, and perhaps unworthy all over again.

These are your Saboteurs at work. Remind them that you have already processed this event and have moved on. 

Always remember forgiveness does not mean someone “gets away” with something. It just means you don’t want to hold the pain in your soul any longer. 

Forgiveness is about your freedom. Not anyone else’s. 

Sometimes the person you need to forgive is yourself. And this can be the hardest person to forgive. But in order to move on and release the hold your past has on you, you need to do this work. 

Time does not heal anything, how we process what we have been through and how quickly we get to a place of forgiveness is where healing takes place. 

June is Professional Wellness Month. Organizations that focus on the overall health and wellness of their employees see higher levels of success, attract top talent, and retain more employees.


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