Give Up Negative Thinking

Here are just a few comments I hear almost daily… here’s the kicker.

Over 90% of you will relate to one or more of these comments.

And 99% of you will do nothing about it.

“I’m sad every day. Today I just don’t have enough energy to hide it.”

(Being sad every day is not how you are meant to live this life. There are changes you can make to stop this. You can change your brain.)

“I cannot stop my negative self-talk.”

(No one can stop it completely; however, you can significantly reduce it and the power it has over you. You just need someone to show you how. And you need to be willing to do the work. EVERYONE has negative self-talk. Some people have learned to intercept it and switch it off before it makes a negative impact on their lives better than others have.)

“Why does my own brain bully me so much?”

(Because you haven’t done the work to teach it not to.)

“I spend the last few minutes before I go to bed going over all the things I did wrong and don’t like about myself. Reviewing all the things I could have done better. Focusing on who was mean to me. What I didn’t like about my day. That is how I fall asleep at night.”

(This is the worst thing to do before bed. There is no benefit to this, it isn’t ever an accurate description of your day. You are programming your subconscious mind to focus on all of this negativity all night. No Sweet Dreams for you!)

“I had/have everything. And I’m still absolutely broken inside.”

(We tend to make the mistake of thinking accomplishing goals or reaching levels of success will bring happiness. It’s not true. You’re still the same you even after reaching the goals you think will change everything.)

“I’m just stuck and don’t know how to function.”

(You do. You just allow your negative self-talk to talk you out of taking action.)

“I’m so tired. I’m burnt out. I’m trying to be positive. I’m trying to be happy.  But I’m at the point where I’ve lost hope.”

(Stop waiting for motivation and inspiration so you can take action. Taking action is what will create motivation and inspiration. Ask yourself “What can I do on this day to make it possible that my life can look different tomorrow?”)

You can change your brain, you just need to be shown how… and you need to be dedicated to doing the work.

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