I Will Be Happy When…

What are you waiting for to be happy?

We tell ourselves, “I will be happy when…”

Then, when we reach the desired goal and happiness isn’t standing there waiting for us so we can live happily ever after, we assume it was the wrong goal.

Standing in our void of happiness, we shrug our shoulders and create a new happiness destination.

So many people go to their graves waiting to reach their condition for happiness because the goalpost keeps moving.

Each time they arrive at the new destination, happiness still isn’t there.

But like Dorothy and the ruby slippers… we had the power all along.

Don’t let the Saboteurs in your brain convince you that you cannot be happy “until”.

They are liars.

Listen to your Sage and be happy as you navigate every step of the way.

Relish in the gifts and opportunities that are always opening up to you.

Even when they don’t seem to be gifts and opportunities in the moment.

“I can’t wait to see how this hand plays out” or

“Thank you for protecting me from whatever you are protecting me from.”

These are my favorite mantras I tell myself when things seem to not be going the way I expected or the way I think I would like them to.

Choosing to be happy as I allow curiosity in what’s next and letting my life unfold naturally guide me is a much easier way to stand in the amazing adventure of life versus holding onto doom and gloom when circumstances don’t turn out the way I’d like them to.

Too many of the amazing moments in my life came for things not going the way I wanted them to.

I have found that choosing happiness regardless of circumstances is a more satisfying way to travel through my journey.

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