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What I talk about

My goal is to empower you to live life on your terms, without letting the opinions of others and the opinions of the saboteurs that live in your own brain stop you. When you learn to live your life with this philosophy and skillset, the happier you will be and you will feel freer and at peace with your life choices. 

Five Guiding Principles

Organization & associations Keynote:

“Thinking is Overrated – how to get out of your head and out of your own way”
“Taming Your Inner Critic: How to Stop Self-Sabotage”
“Trusting Your Instincts: Why Your Inner Voice is Your Greatest Ally”

Confidence, decisiveness, and certainty.

Strengthen the leadership skills in all your employees…

Keynote Abstract:

It’s counterproductive to allow the same part of us that sabotages, taunts, and bullies us the power to make or change our decisions. We are all capable and worthy of great things. We just need the mindset and confidence to go for it. My keynote is designed to get my audience out of their head. To see things from a different perspective. To make mindset shifts that will transform lives for the better. I provide actionable tools to help navigate the world more effectively, to be more confident and more decisive, to eliminate feelings of overwhelm and to take back control before experiencing burnout. Don’t let you be the one holding you back. Gain the tools to regain control of your brain and your life. Acquire skills to stop people-pleasing, reduce the need to compare yourself to others, and help you stand solidly in who you are, so you never experience imposter syndrome.

University Keynote:
"Thinking is Overrated"

Helping Students become stronger decision-makers.

Meet the Saboteurs who live in your brain and learn my 5 Guiding Principles that, when implemented, take their power away.

Five Guiding Principles

Breakout/Workshop: "Don't Be The Second A**hole In The Room"

Sharpen Your Communication Tools

Recognize the conversation you are participating in and gain the power of not being baited into looking like the second a**hole in the room… this is assuming, of course, that you’re not already the first a**hole in the room.