Leaders vs. Micromanagers

So many micromanagers think they’re good leaders.

Not everyone is meant to be a leader.

There’s more than one way to do a job or complete a task and pretty much all of them are “the right way”.

If you have someone in a leadership position who isn’t open to exploring your way, listening to your ideas, or if they disregard your input and insist on doing things their way…

That is not a leader. That is a micromanager.

Leaders inspire and are open to exploring or trying new things.

Leaders give you freedom.

Leaders trust and are open to considering options and the ideas of others.

Leaders know that no matter the outcome there is always something of value acquired.

They understand that because of this, there is no “wrong” way of doing things.

They know that exploring the ideas of others and making sure people feel heard and valued is part of what being a leader is all about.

Micromanagers clip your wings and make you feel small and devalued with their controlling, hovering-over management style.

Are you leading or are you managing?

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