Let’s Talk About Mirror Neurons.

Ever wonder why you walk away from interacting with someone feeling better… or worse than you did before your interaction with them?

Here is a quick and easy explanation.

Look at the energy we put out into the world on a spectrum with -10 being extremely negative energy and +10 being extremely positive energy.

Our mirror neurons cause us to be unconsciously impacted by the energy of the people we interact with.

For our ancestors, this was all about survival and being tuned into the energies of their tribe.

Here’s how it works…

Essentially the person with the “bigger” number will impact the person they are interacting with and drag their energy down or pull it up.

It all depends on who is dwelling in the doom and gloom of negative energy or excelling in the excitement of positive energy more.

While interacting with others we are being pulled… or we are pulling them.

It depends on where each of us is on our spectrum.

If I am at a +8 energy and you are at a -6, our interaction together should pull you up out of your negative 6 to something a little less negative.

You will notice the Saboteurs in your head and their bullying lessens and the negative feelings you have subside, at least a little.

However, if you are at a -10 and I am at a +6, the strength of your negative energy and the power of mirror neurons will cause me to slide negatively down the spectrum to a lower level of positivity.

I might even slide into the negative side with you.

We could even bounce the negative energy back and forth until we are both at -10.

Play around with this…

After you interact with someone, when you walk away do you feel more positive energy or more negative energy?

While you are interacting with them are you feeling your energy shift to the positive, or shift to the negative?

Did interacting with them cause your Saboteurs to quiet down or get louder?

Be careful of those who always dwell in the pits of despair, they will negatively impact you every time you interact with them.

It can be hard to sustain an energy level of +10 energy.

Unfortunately, it is easy for some to live at a -10 energy level for long periods of time. Dragging people down with them.

Misery loves company.

What can you do to keep your energy high on the positive spectrum so you can pull others to the positive instead of them pulling you down the spectrum in a negative direction?

Regardless of where other people are at, do everything you can to keep your positive number high so they don’t pull you down with them.

If your positive energy is strong enough and high enough, you can help pull them out of their doom and gloom.

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