No Pain No Gain, The Lie We’ve Been Believing

We have all been told, “No pain no gain.”

And we have all chosen to accept this.

Most of us are conditioned to believe that only things we struggled with or work hard for are of value.

But “No pain no gain” is not true.

Good things, happiness, success, peacefulness, etc. do not need to be the end result of pain and struggle.

We do not need to push through difficulty before gaining self-worth or accomplishing the things we want out of life.

We have been conditioned to believe this.

But it is not true.

If you believe this is true, then it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whether you believe you can accomplish great things through pain and struggle or believe you can accomplish great things through ease and flow, you will be right.

What you believe becomes your experience.

When you believe that pain and struggle are necessary, your brain will not be able to even see that easier paths are possible.

The notion that struggle is necessary in order to have success is such a part of our culture that believing otherwise is hard to wrap our minds around.

Think of all the time and energy, and all the negative consequences listening to your limiting beliefs has caused you.

How much unhappiness and struggle have you had to endure to get to where you are?

Sure, you can have success the hard way, but what have you sacrificed along the way?

And how much longer did it take you than it needed to?

Challenge yourself to see the path of ease and flow around the obstacle you are facing today.

Ask yourself,

“What is making this feel so difficult?

“What can I be doing differently to make this easier and more fulfilling?”

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