Rewire Your Anxious Brain

By Catherine M. Pittman, PhD, and Elizabeth M. Karle, MLIS

This book focuses on the neuroscience of fear and how it plays a part in anxiety, panic, and worry… spoiler alert, it has a lot to do with our amygdala. Who knew it was the holder of all the things that have happened to us that we thought we had forgotten? The amygdala both lives in this moment and holds onto everything!

Learn all about how your amygdala and your cortex our key players when it comes to anxiety. This book will take you on a journey of discovering how to make changes and rewire your brain so that you can take back control and stop living with the anxiety that’s controlling your life.

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Everything Isn’t About Me

When people speak, they are just presenting their opinion or preference. When people are mean they are just revealing their insecurities. Or they are not being mean at all, I am filtering what they are saying to make it about me causing me to stand in victimhood. Everything isn’t about me. When people ask questions, they are being curious, they are not accusing me or passive-aggressively insulting me.

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