Stop Strengthening Your Weaknesses

Stop strengthening your weaknesses…

Stop trying to force others to work from outside their strengths.

It’s not productive and it’s not good leadership.

Leave weaknesses alone, that’s what other people are for.

Live in your strengths and rely on others when you are weak.

Back in the day when our ancestors lived in tribes and small communities, everyone had their job and their purpose.

It was established based on their natural talents, what they were drawn to and what they were good at.

Strengths were celebrated and depended on.

Now we live in these larger communities, and our uniqueness seems to get lost.

We are built in a way where each of us has a select set of talents and skills we excel at.

We’re meant to develop, nurture and share them. Everything else, the things we’re not good at, that’s where we rely on others.

We can’t be good at everything. We’re not supposed to be.


What about the fact that strengths and weaknesses are relative?

There are times when my strengths aren’t needed, and it’s best for me to take a backseat to those around me whose strengths are a better fit in this moment.

Simon Sinek talks about how his weakness of being unorganized once resulted in a great business opportunity for him.

Sounds like it worked for him as a strength, not a weakness that day.

Tiger Wood’s coach talks about how Tiger isn’t particularly good at getting out of the sand traps.

Instead of wasting one minute working on strengthening his ability to use his wedge and get out of the bunker, they focus their time on further strengthening his stronger shots.

They focus on his ability to hit the ball more effectively in order to stay out of the sand.


  • Live in your strengths, discover them, nurture them, and share them with the world.
  • Take a backseat when your strengths aren’t needed.
  • Rely on others where you’re not as strong.

Utilize your team like this too.

This is why we build teams in the first place.

Not everyone is supposed to be great at all the tasks you need for your organization to be successful.

Stop trying to force someone to be good at something they’re not good at, especially when they are not interested in being good at that particular skill or task.

It’s an unnecessary waste of time, energy, and company resources.

We’re all meant to bring different things to the table so together we make a cohesive unit.

We are not meant to be clones of each other.

Where’s the fun in that?

Live in your strengths and rely on others where you are weak.

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