Stress and Productivity

Have you ever stopped to consider how stressed your employees or colleagues are?

Or do you just go about your day asking where the TPS report is and interacting with each other in “neutral”?

The facts are (according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report):

✅  60% of people are emotionally detached at work.
✅ 19% are miserable at work.
✅ 50% of workers reported feeling stressed at work.
✅ 41% are worried.
✅ 22% are sad.
✅ 18% are angry.

Employees who are not engaged are costing the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity.

Business units with engaged workers show 23% higher profits.

Do these numbers matter to you?

How is it impacting your organization?

This is where Mental Fitness comes in.

Gaining the tools to shift your mindset so you are capable of handling life’s challenges in a positive way rather than allowing them to drag you down is what Mental Fitness is all about.

It’s time to implement a Mental Fitness Program at your organization.

Learn more about my Positive Intelligence Lunch & Learn, Half Day Workshop, 8-Week Bootcamp, or one-year Mental Fitness Program.

We have a variety of programs that will fit your needs and fit your budget.

It’s time to start caring about the people who are sitting at the desks in your organization.

Recognize that we are all struggling with something, showing your employees you care.

Being part of providing the tools to empower them and strengthen their Mental Fitness is a great step in creating a stronger culture, increasing productivity, and showing that you want to give back as much as you get.

Provide your team with tools for a life of ease and flow instead of a life of stress that lacks fulfillment.

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