Team-Building with Positive Intelligence

Are you ready for a team-building program that actually provides tools for lasting change?
We have all heard great speakers, gone on team-building events or retreats, and left ready to change the world… or at least ready to change our own personal world, then two days later were over it.
That’s because inspiration is only 20% of the equation.
We have 60,000-80,000 thoughts each day. 
80%-90% are negative…
Let’s change that!

This program focuses on Positive Intelligence (PQ) and Mental Fitness:
Positive Intelligence – learning how to deal with life’s challenges with a positive mindset.

Mental Fitness – The tools and process of getting out of your head and transform your life for the better
This curriculum can be delivered via the following modalities: 
• 45-90 Minute Presentation
• ½ Day Workshop
• Full day Retreat
• 8-Week Bootcamp 
• One-Year Mental Fitness Program starting with the 8-Week Bootcamp
Participants will learn to: 
• Be more confident and more decisive despite their fears.
• Stop believing the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs in their head.
• Acquire solid leadership skills.
• Stop people-pleasing or comparing themselves to others.
• Improve communication skills.
Contact me to learn more about me, my programs, or Positive Intelligence (including statistics on the positive impact PQ has had on those who have gone through the program).

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