The Battle In Your Brain

You have two parts of your brain locked in a constant battle.

Your Saboteur region vs. Your Sage region.

Your Saboteurs are winning, it’s how we are built.

You Saboteurs trick you into believing they are your friends and they are looking out for you.

This is their lie.

They are good at manipulation, it’s their game.

They take your strengths and turn them into weaknesses by abusing and overusing them with the position that they are trying to keep you safe.

The Pleaser Saboteur abuses or overuses empathy and lets you falsely believe that pleasing people means they like and appreciate you.

Hyper-Rational Saboteur abuses or overuses rational function and sees emotions as a weakness. Can come off as cold and intellectually intimidating.

Stickler Saboteur abuses/overuses being orderly and organized to the point of seeking perfection OR using this as an excuse to creatively procrastinate.

These are just to name a few…

When these strengths are used by the Sage, then and only then do we get the results that best serve us.

I know it feels like your Saboteurs are trying to help you and protect you.

They are not.

Achieving success at the expense of happiness or not doing things you are drawn to because your Saboteurs talked you out of it while working to convince you that you are happy is not how our lives are supposed to look.

Your Saboteurs are never your friends and what they are trying to convince you to do or not do is not in your best interest.

Hold onto the strength/gift you were given but let go of the Saboteurs control over you!

Your Sage knows how to use your strengths in a way to better serve your greater good and make your life the amazing adventure it’s meant to be.


Learn more about the battle in your brain and how to overcome it here:

My 8-Week PQ Mental Fitness Bootcamp give you and your team the tools to activate the positive Sage area of your brain and navigate you away from your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs of your Saboteurs. Click the link to see the statistics on the impact the PQ Bootcamp has.

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