In this episode of Mel Robbins Podcast, she talks with Dr. Russell Kennedy, MD about anxiety and how to heal it. I have multiple people in my life who suffer from anxiety who said this podcast and his interpretation of anxiety was something they could really identify with. How he sees anxiety and what can be done to heal it makes so much sense. But it still takes work, and he can help you make it happen.

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I Will Be Happy When…

We tell ourselves, “I will be happy when…” Then, when we reach the desired goal and happiness isn’t standing there waiting for us so we can live happily ever after, we assume it was the wrong goal. Standing in our void of happiness, we shrug our shoulders and create a new happiness destination.

Everything Isn’t About Me

When people speak, they are just presenting their opinion or preference. When people are mean they are just revealing their insecurities. Or they are not being mean at all, I am filtering what they are saying to make it about me causing me to stand in victimhood. Everything isn’t about me. When people ask questions, they are being curious, they are not accusing me or passive-aggressively insulting me.

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