Through Failure to Opportunity

Day after day I have conversations with people who are stuck.

When they tell me their story of stuckness, they inevitably revolve around a perceived failure they cannot move on from…

Let’s flip the script regarding failure and the power “fear of failure” can have over us.

First and foremost, failure is inevitable. No one walks through life unscathed, never experiencing failure.

It’s part of all our lives.

But it’s the big-ticket items that carry the most weight, the end of a relationship, not getting the job you wanted, not accomplishing something you thought you really wanted or felt you deserved. The list goes on…

I don’t know when or where the act of failing became a negative thing that carries the stigma it does, but that doesn’t matter.

Let’s change that and see our failings for what they really are…


That’s all. Plain and simple. They open the door to new opportunities.

Failure is where we gain new skills, learn life lessons, and acquire wisdom.

Failure is where we get to evaluate a situation and course correct to move in a new direction.

Failure is not the end, it’s not a loss.

It’s not supposed to cripple us or leave us living in insecurity, guilt, or shame.

We are not meant to be successful at everything. If we were we would miss out on the lessons and experiences that give life meaning.

As children, we all fall at least a few times when we are learning how to ride a bike. But we learn something each time we fall, we get up, we apply what we learned and eventually, we are riding our bike around the block.

Very quickly we find, we ride our bikes without even thinking about how to do it.

But more importantly, we ride it without even considering the falls, the failed attempts, it took to get us here.

All our failures lead to something better, something that’s ultimately a better fit for us. Even though you might not be able to see that at the time.

Instead of avoiding things because you’re afraid of failure, walk confidently towards the things you desire and know that failure is necessary in order for success to be anything of value.

Let go of the conditioning we are all raised with that failure is a negative thing that must be avoided.

Stop being afraid of failure.

Instead, be inspired by it.

Embrace and talk about your failures with confidence.

Walk straight into the possibility of failure and see the amazing adventure that unfolds before you.

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