Why is ghosting becoming the norm? Why is this acceptable?

Back in the day, we called it ignoring people.

In some instances, it was considered blatant disregard.

Now it’s known as “ghosting”.

I know we’re all busy.

The world is getting smaller, time seems to be moving faster and people are getting more demanding of our time, while our attention spans are getting shorter.

None of us need more jobs.

But when did being respectful of others and helping others get thrown away in an attempt to acquire more time?

I frequently hear: “People have a natural desire to help others”.

I don’t find this to be true anymore.

It seems “survival of the fittest” and “every man for himself” are the new default mantras people are operating under.


It takes confidence, self-assuredness, and respect for others to reply to a call or email, especially when it’s someone you know or have been communicating with.

Even when you aren’t able to help or aren’t interested in what someone has to offer.

A simple reply that you can’t help them with their ask,

or you’re not interested in their offer or product,

or, the timing isn’t right, contact me again in three months.

What happened to the simple act of telling someone “Thanks” when you receive the email containing something you discussed they’d send you?

That’s respect.

That’s integrity.

The act of replying, even when the reply you’re sending is not what the sender was hoping for, gives peace of mind to both parties.

Leaving people hanging is rude and disrespectful.


And a quick note about the incessant, unsolicited sales emails, messages, or DMs you get from people you don’t know (or maybe you do know them). Either way, instead of getting frustrated, tell them you’re not interested.


Then watch how quickly they stop.

If they don’t, that’s what unsubscribing, and blocking is for. This is where ignoring is okay.

Replying and communicating before you take either of those actions is how you show respect and stand in integrity.

We all hate being ignored and being “ghosted”, so let’s stop doing it to others.

Ignoring and disregarding others is a negative reflection on you.

It shows confidence and self-assuredness to reply especially when your reply isn’t what the person wants to hear.

Any answer is better than being ignored. I’ll take the “no, I can’t help you” or “no, I am not interested” any day over wondering if the person even received my email.

Let’s go back to respecting each other and answering each other.

Let’s get back to supporting each other and our natural desire to help each other.

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