A Quick Word About Worthiness

My client calls frequently become conversations about worthiness.

“I’m not worthy enough for that”,

“I don’t deserve that”,

Comments like that are a common occurrence.

So, let me set the record straight on worthiness…

You are always worthy.

Regardless of your past and regardless of your mistakes.

How do I know you are worthy, even if I’ve never met you or don’t know you very well?

Because we are all worthy.

No matter what you think has robbed you of your worthiness,

It hasn’t.

We are all worthy of having our wants, needs, and desires met and to go after the life we imagine for ourselves.

The kicker is, you need to believe it.

You’re worthy when you believe you are worthy.

Because you’re already worthy right now, scars flaws, and all.


You can change your brain and change your mindset; you just need to do the work. I can show you how. Hire me to speak at your next corporate event. I can show you and your team how to get out of your head and out of your own way. Stop listening to the bullies in your brain, they are liars.

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